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Municipal court is a complex and continuously changing class of court within our judicial system.  Outside of state law and its charter, there is little uniformity for newly appointed municipal court clerks to follow as a guide when tasked with implementing and managing efficient process and procedure within the administrative offices of the clerk of court.  

The responsibilities of a municipal court clerk has a direct impact on the livelihood of others and communities we serve each day.  In an effort to increase learning and networking opportunities for those municipal court clerks who are most responsible for the day-to-day operations, GMCCC has developed a peer driven, cost-effective opportunity to provide support, guidance, and encouragement from seasoned municipal court clerks through the GMCCC District Mentoring Program. 

Program Guidelines
Each newly appointed court administrator or chief municipal court clerk participating will be assigned an experienced participating partner within the program.

During the first year, mentor and mentee municipal court clerks agree to: 
Make a commitment to the program for at least one full year;
Schedule an initial meeting to establish the mentor/ mentee relationship;
Visit each other’s municipal court at least two times each;
Meet in person or communicate by phone or email as often as needed; at least once a month.

Mentor Responsibilities
Be a GMCCC member in good standing;
Initiate contact with the mentee within one week of assignment;
Provide ongoing support, guidance and encouragement;
Share common practices that are in line with the Municipal Court Uniform Rules; 
Assist with resources, tools and information; and
Identify opportunities and encourage involvement in GMCCC lunch and learns, ICJE trainings, and other events.

Mentee Responsibilities
Become a GMCCC member in good standing;
Initiate contact with the mentor when needed;
Ask questions and solicit advice;
Be willing to listen to the mentor; and
Devote time to the mentoring program.

GMCCC Responsibilities
GMCCC will make every effort to assign a mentee with a mentor serving in similar sized courts within close proximately as possible.  

Program Registration
For more information, contact Trina Gallien at  

Please click here to complete the mentoring application